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Our Story

James Norquay started the company back in 2012. Prior to starting Prosperity Media, James grew his own network of websites to achieve 25 million visitors from SEO & Social sources in the US market. He worked agency side for companies like Virgin Mobile, Citi Bank and Woolworths. James took his vast experience and focused his energy into creating Prosperity Media. Our company’s track record and reputation has since taken off.

How Seo Course helps your site to rank higher

Find out information on how to rank better on Google in 2021 using SEO tools and tips. Also some of this knowledge will help improve your conversion on your website which is also an SEO ranking factor. Search Engine Optimatiozion is changing so will visit some of things to help you improve your SEO. Page speed  has become an SEO factor as well as Mobile Ready. If your website looks poorly on a mobile device or is slow at loading not only is it affecting conversions but also can have an impact on your search engine ranking.

Leverage our audience

SEO involves researching keywords or phrases. Today, SEO focuses much more on context, and you are unlikely to be successful by just the same keyword or phrase all over your site. Instead, you need to create quality, engaging, unique content that tells a story. More people are using long-tail key phrases in searches. For example, people no longer just type in “shoes” if they are looking to buy shoes online. Instead, they type in something more specific, like “sale on black heels with a red bottom sole.” This means your keyword/phrase strategy needs to be well planned, well researched, and implemented carefully as to avoid any “black hat SEO” techniques like keyword stuffing or other other strategies that could be considered unethical.¬†