Welcome to SEO Course Australia

Welcome to SEO Course Australia we have been working in the SEO field for over 10 years. Helping clients such as Woolworths, Citibank, Optus, Virgin Mobile and many other medium to large businesses learn SEO.

SEO Course will offer online SEO training and offline training at your business location.

The key areas we will teach are as follows –

SEO 101 – The basics of SEO what you need to know and some key jargon. We will talk about how search engines work and the key elements they look at when indexing websites.

Technical SEO – The technical building blocks of a website and the key elements you need to know to do well.

Link Acquisition – The key areas around link building and link development campaigns.

Content & Keywords – The key areas around SEO keyword research and development.

SEO Tools – We will talk over key SEO tools which will assist with your day to day campaigns.

SEO Case Studies – We will talk over effective SEO case studies to show you real world examples of what has worked.

Past reviews – 

 This training course  is a must for any and all marketers. Who doesn’t use the web to market their businesses these days? Highly recommended! ” Adam Dodd – Octopus Films.

Here is a example of some training material from a past event in Sydney which goes over 14 technical areas of SEO.